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Our Gum Paste Supplies are growing all the time. We carry several different brands of ready made gum paste as well as some gum paste mixes and the ingredients needed if you prefer to make your own. We have tools for cutting your gum paste and modeling tools to shape your petals. Floral wire and tape as well as wire cutters and tape cutters. We have stamen for your flowers. Special boards to roll your paste out on and pads and foam to shape them on. You'll find veiners to vein those petals and flower formers on which to dry them. Assorted dusting colors to bring them all to life!

Select a Gumpaste Supplies category:

PME Scriber Needle Model Tool
Cutting Tools
Gumpaste Wire Brown 28G 50 CT
Floral Tape & Floral Wire
Flower Shaping Foam Set
Flower Formers
CAI Tylose Powder 2oz (55 G)
Gumpaste Ingredients
Luster Dust Pump Brush
Gumpaste Tools
Disco Dust - Rainbow
Luster/Petal/Pearl Dusts
PME Flower/Leaf Modeling Tool
Modelling Tools
Rolling Pin Guide Rings 3 Sets
Petal Pads & Rolling Boards
Lily Stamen Assortment 30 CT
JEM Plum Blossom Roller Long
Texture Rollers
Silicone Veiner Roseleaf 2-3/4

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