Chocopan Modeling Chocolate Deep Brown 1 Pound



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Use this 1-Pound Deep Brown ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate to create culinary masterpieces. This modeling chocolate provides a superior taste by using real chocolate. You may create flowers, ribbons, bows, or figures of your choice. You can even use gel or paste to color or paint it. This product would be perfect for a beginner to start with. This modeling chocolate provides a finish of a medium sheen. If you have any left over Modeling Chocolate reseal the remaining in tightly in a plastic bag and place the lid of the container to preserve the remaining product. Remember that you should not place the remaining product in the refrigerator. Store it in a cool place.

Note: The only time you should place your modeling chocolate in the refrigerator is to accelerate the set time. The finished pieces may also be placed in the freezer. If you do decide to use the freezer you will need to gradually bring the pieces to room temperature. If you do not allow this process to happen there will be a quick change in temperature and will cause condensation to build on the finished product and compromise the item to reach the finished look. Also if you have unopened pails of ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate putting the containers in the freezer will extend the shelf life.

Ingredient Notes: This product contains milk, and is Nut-Free. Also is a perfect product for vegetarians and is Kosher Diary certified.

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