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Confectionary Arts Gumpaste Mix 1 LB



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Use this 1 Pound Ready-To-Use Gum Paste to cover your cake, or mold features, and even make decorations for your cake or homemade treats.This gum paste dries and is formulated to resist humidty.

Directions: Carefully open the bag and remove the desired amount of paste you require for the project you are working on. If coloring the gumpaste, use paste or gel colors, not liquid colors, as this will cause the gumpaste to be soft and sticky. When working with the gumpaste, put a small dab of vegetable shortening on a finger and knead into the gumpaste until smooth and pliable. Next, roll out on a light dusting of cornstarch to prevent the gumpaste from sticking to the work surface. Drying time will be 2 to 5 hours depending on the size and type of project. This gumpaste can be combined with rolled fondant to create a paste suitable for modeling, bows, drapes, etc. Always keep unused gumpaste tightly wrapped to prevent drying out. Keep product in a cool environment. Gumpaste may be frozen indefinitely.

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