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The quick and easy way to add colorful details to cakes and desserts. Even if you’ve never decorated before! Use edible, flexible Sugar Sheets! to cut or punch virtually any shape or border design. There’s no preparation and no mess. Just peel, punch or cut and place your decorations in minutes. Sugar Sheets! have a light, sweet flavor that works with buttercream or fondant-covered treats.

Cutting Wilton Sugar Sheets with the Cricut Cake

Yes, you can use Wilton Sugar Sheets with your Cricut Cake!
This will require purchasing a regular Cricut Cutting Mat. These mats, which are generally used with the regular Cricut Personal Electronic Cutters, have a sticky surface, as opposed to the smooth surface of the Cricut Cake Mats.
To cut the Sugar Sheets you will simply remove them from the package and attach the backing to the regular Cricut Mat, lining it up in the top right corner of the mat (you will see a mark or arrow on that corner.
Set your Speed on medium to High, depending on the intricacy of your design, but set the Pressure to Medium or Low (otherwise your Cricut Cake will cut through the Sugar Sheet and the backing!)

Using Regular Frosting Sheets with The Cricut Cake

When using regular frosting sheets with the Cricut Cake you will apply a generous coating of shortening to one of your smooth Cricut Cake Mats. Then, carefully remove the frosting sheet from its backing and place on the Cricut Cake Mat, aligning it with the upper right corner of the mat. With a spatula or an icing smoother, smooth out frosting sheet, smoothing all air bubbles to the side to remove. If the machine encounters an air bubble as it cuts, the blade will begin to tear the frosting sheet in that area, as it is not attached to the mat with shortening. Regular frosting sheets cut on the Cricut Cake Mat will use a High Pressure. Adjust the Speed according to the detail of your design. A simple design may use a High Speed while more detail will require a Medium to Low Speed.
Once you've made you cuts and have unloaded the mat, remove the excess material from around your selections before lifting the designs themselves from the backing. Sliding an offset spatula under the edge will make this easy to do, taking care, not to stretch the image as you remove it.

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