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Hundreds if not thousands to choose from! These are molds made for molding Chocolate mostly candy coating and should not be used with high temperature candy making. For high temperature Candy Molds, please check the hard candy molds category on the left. We have candy coating molds for every theme and occasion - and the list is always growing. From lovely bonbon molds to flowers, sports, holidays, hobbies.. you name it and we have it. Should you have a need for a mold we don't carry, we'll gladly to try to find it for you.Lollipops, mints, pour boxes, 3-D molds- pretzel molds and business cards. We even have personalized options available.. It's all here just waiting for you!
To view more information on candy molds please refer to the article All About Candy Molds.

Select a Candy Molds Chocolate category:

Pour Box Lid
All Occasion
3D Sitting Cat Mold
1.75" Mint 50th Wreath (8)
1-5/8" Awareness Ribbon (12)
Bite Size Booties Mold
2.25" Balloon Sucker Mold (5)
Balloons & Clowns
Bear w/ Heart Sucker Mold (6)
1.5" Doves Mold (12)
Happy Birthday Oval Mint Mold
8.75"x3.75" Bar Card Mold (1)
Business Cards
Butterfly Candy Dish Mold
Butterflies & Insects
3D Cake Large Lollipop Mold
Cake Pop Candy Molds
Chocopick Sign Mold (4)
Christmas Ball (Church)Mold
1-3/8" Plain Bon Bon Mold (8)
Classic Shapes
Dot Stripes Cookie Candy Mold
Cookie Molds
Cordial Cups Mold
Cordial Cups
Cigar w/ Band Mold
Dad & Men
Pourbasket w/ Handle Mold
Turtles Mold
Fish Frogs Shells
Flex Mold 1.75" Cala Lily (25)
Flexible Mint Molds
3" Maple Leaf Sucker Mold (3)
Flowers & Leaves
Tea Cup Mold
Food & Drink
2-1/8" Round Mold (6)
8.75" $100 Bill Mold (1)
Gambling & Money
1" Faceted Jewels Mold (24)
Assorted Graduation Sucker (6)
Witch Boot Pretzel Mold
1.5" Heart w/ Messages Mold 11
Hearts & Valentines
1 7/8" House Mint Mold (11)
Houses & Farming
1-3/8" Alphabet Mold (27)
Letters & Numbers
Cool Cars
Licensed Character
Mardi Gras Mask Sucker Mold
Mardi Gras
Marzipan 3-D Strawberry Mold
Marzipan Molds
6" Marine Corps Insignia (1)

Mini Molds
Mold Mocha Spoons 5cav
Mocha Spoons
For The Record Mom I Love U Mo
Mom & Women
6-3/8" 45 RPM Plain Record (1)
Happy New Year Business Card
New Year
Eastern Star Emblem Mold (6)
Organizations & Clubs
1-5/8" American Flag Sucker
French Girl Cigars
Pirate Large Lolli Mold (3)
Candy Dish Top Mold
Pour Box
Flower Pretzel Mold
Pretzel Rod
Princess Candy Picks Mold
Princess Molds
Microphone Sucker Mold (3)
Professions & Tools
Moon/Stars on Round Sucker
Rainbows Moons Zodiac
1-1/8" Small Cross Mold (14)
1.5" Footbal Mold  (14)
Sports & Hobbies
3D Pot 'O Gold Mold (2)
St. Patricks Day
5.5" 3D Cell Phone Mold (7)
1 5/8" Thank You Mold (14)
Thank You/Congratulations
4" 3D Turkey Mold #1 (2)
3D Carousel Candy Mold 10
Toys & Games
2.25" Space Ship & Astronaut 6
3-1/4" Virginia State Mold
United States/States
Celtic Wedding Knot Mold (2)
1-1/8" Horseshoe Mold (16)
Zodiac Round Mint Mold (12)

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