What Are Isomalt Sticks - How To Make Isomalt Usin

Isomalt Isomalt 1 LB

Isomalt is a sugar product used as replacement of regular granulated sugar in many sugar projects where humidity and/or moisture become an issue.


We have Isomalt granules are available for purchase in 1 lb bags or larger quantities. You can also buy Isomalt sticks, which can be melted in your microwave and used with fewer steps from start to finish.


While a wonderful replacement for design pieces, it is not recommended that sugar pieces made with Isomalt be eaten. The types of sugar have been known to cause stomach upsets when consumed.


As with most candy created at high temperatures, you’ll have the best success in a low humidity environment. Rainy days should be avoided.While Isomalt can be used for pulled or blown sugar, these crafts are very sensitive to humidity.Isomalt is used most often to make the sugar gems that are so popular at present.

To begin, you will need:

  • Fairly heavy saucepan,
  • Candy thermometer
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Pan or bowl larger than cooking pan with cold water (ice cubes may be added)
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • Water (filtered or distilled water will result in the clearest finished product.
  • Heat tolerant candy mold (such as White  Molds)


1.Following recipe on the package, combine Isomalt granules with water in heavy saucepan. Whisk until combined. Over low to medium heat, continue tocook, without stirring.


2.When mixture becomes clear, skim off any foam present. Periodically, brush down the sides of the pan with water to prevent crystallization...Continueskimming and washing pan sides until sugar mixture is totally clear. When syrup is completely clear and foam free, place your candy thermometer in the pan, careful that is does not touch the bottom...Add coloring, if desired, when syrup reaches 250˚F. Continue cooking at a medium setting until temperature of 340˚F is reached.


3.Remove the pan from the stove and carefully place bottom of hot pan into ice water to stop cooking. At this point you can pour into hard candy molds that have been prepared with non stick cooking spray or pour into “puddles” on parchment paper. If necessary, “stir” hot liquid with a toothpick to remove any air bubbles.


4.Once the molds have cooled, candy may be released with a gentle tap or by twisting slightly.


Isomalt Sticks

Isomalt sticks are pre-cooked Isomalt that can be melted in your microwave. It is recommended that you use silicone containers to melt the Isomalt. It is super sticky, so do any stirring with disposable wood skewers or toothpicks and once cool, the Isomalt will just pop right out of your silicone cups or bowls. This will make clean-up a breeze!


Once melted it is ready to pour into your mold. You can color the clear sticks or buy them in a number of popular colors. Any left over after you’ve completed your project can be cooled and stored to add to your next batch. Shelf life of Isomalt sticks kept airtight is up to 2 years.


Store molded Isomalt pieces in an airtight container for several days. Beyond this period, the candy may become sticky and or cloudy. Place packets of silica or other desiccant in the storage container, using "no skid" shelf liner or similar product to separate candy from desiccant to keep humidity to a minimum. This will extend the shelf life of your pieces.