Edible Images

We offer edible images at Cake Art. This is a great way to customize your edible creation with photos, designs, patterns, artwork, etc. We can also print licensed images such as popular children's characters, and logos that are in our image catalog. Edible Images can be applied to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candies, and more. The image is printed with edible ink on edible paper so it is safe to put directly on your cake, cupcakes, candies, or other treats. The most popular use of edible images is on butter cream icing the image melts into the icing and looks like it is part of the cake. Edible images can also be applied to fondant and other types of icing. Email Images to images@cakeart.com or pick one from our image book.



8" X 10.5" prints one image per sheet. Typically used for quarter sheet cake size cakes

7.5" round prints one image per sheet. Typically used for a 9", 10" or 12" round cake.

2" round prints twelve images per sheet. Typically used for cupcakes or cookies.

3" round prints six images per sheet. Typically used for cupcakes or cookies.



 Image Types

We can print personal photos, designs, patterns, artwork, photo frames, seasonal and holiday themes, etc. We offer a image library of licensed and non licensed images. Licensed images include popular children's characters, sports teams, etc. If you want to print a licensed or copyrighted image that is not in our image library you must obtain written permission from the owner of said image. We cannot and will not print licensed/copyrighted material without express written permission from the copyright owner.



Licensed images in our image library are $11.99 per sheet.

Non-Licensed images are $11.99 per sheet.

Edited images are $17.99 per sheet. Meaning if you bring in multiple images and we have to build the sheet and re-size them for you.

Photos, designs, artwork, etc. provided by customer are $11.99 per sheet.

Quantity discounts are available for orders over 10 sheets. Ask for a quote.