Making and Using Candy Clay

Making and Using Candy Clay




Candy clay, also known as modeling chocolate or chocolate plastique, is a wonderful and delicious addition to your Sugar Art repertoire.

While it can be purchased ready-made (Choco Pan), it’s also quite easy to make with just 2 ingredients and a few supplies.

Ingredients needed:

1 lb high quality candy coating (Merckens or Peters) or real chocolate (not chocolate chips)

1/3 to ½ cup white corn syrup

Melt candy coating – the safest way is in a double boiler over water that has been brought to a simmer and removed from the heat. While candy coating is cooling slightly, measure out your corn syrup – the Wonder Cup is an excellent tool for this purpose.

At this point, you may flavor the candy clay with oil based flavorings, such as LorAnn oils. Anywhere from 6 to 12 drops per lb can be used... Start with 6 drops and add more to suit your taste.

Making sure the candy coating is not too hot (I use the baby bottle testing method of placing a tiny bit on the inside of my wrist), add the corn syrup to the candy coating and stir slowly with a rubber spatula.

You’ll want to stir until there is no longer “shiny” evidence of the corn syrup, but do not over-stir.

Once the corn syrup is fully incorporated into the candy, pour out onto a large piece of plastic wrap and cover completely, making an airtight package.

Allow the candy clay to form. This will likely take several hours. Do not refrigerate.

You can make candy clay with the dark, milk and white chocolate flavored candy coating as well as all the colors available.

The clay can become quite hard. When ready to use, break off pieces and knead them until malleable. Be sure there are no lumps, kneading until smooth.

If, in this process, the clay you’re kneading becomes shiny, put it down and work on another piece. What is happening is that the oils in the candy are being released. By letting it rest, the oil will be re-absorbed and you will be able to work it again.

Once kneaded, the candy clay is ready to be used in a variety of ways:

*Use candy clay to make beautiful roses, flowers and leaves.

* Use with lace appliqués to decorate your cakes.

*Make a bow for your cake.

*Can be used to model animals, fruits and characters.

*Perfect for covering copper tubing or PVC pipe for cake sculptures, where rice krispy treats or

icing will not cling to the hard surfaces.

*Because the chocolate is the primary ingredient in candy clay, pieces must be stored in a

relatively cool environment, out of the sun. The pieces will harden over time and can

be painted with

Confectionary Glaze

if you choose in order to preserve them.