Selecting a Cake Decorating Turntable

Selecting a Cake Decorating Turntable 


When selecting a turntable to purchase for cake decorating, you are faced with quite a few choices. 


Flat ones, raised ones, locking ones and more are there to make your choice more confusing.

I’m going to go through the options available and hope to make your selection a bit easier.

You can spend a little or invest more. I have several different turntables and use them in different situations. 



First of all, most cake designers feel that at elevated turntable make decorating easier from an ergonomic standpoint. It’s just plain easier to work on the bottom and sides of the cake if they aren’t so close to the table or counter surface. Most of the turntables we sell at Cake Art are elevated.


Turntables With Ball Bearings

I love ball bearings!!! Turntables with ball bearings turn easier and make less noise. Some mechanisms will allow you access to add a little 3 in 1 oil every once in a blue moon, but one turntable I’ve owned for 20 years is still going strong without any extra oil.


Locking Turntables

Wilton has come out with a raised turntable that will lock. What a great feature! It allows you to keep the cake steady for things like adding another layer without having to worry about the cake shifting or about having to remove the whole thing to the counter. This feature adds some cost, but personally I find it well worth it.


Tilting Turntables

These turntables are wonderful if you do many cakes with intricate side designs. The turntable can be used in the tilted position or as a level turntable. These turntables are the raised type and can provide you with the best of both worlds. Wilton’s newest turntable (I just got mine this week!) can be locked into different angles and will also lock in the flat, level position. It offers the all the options, I can’t wait to use it later today!


Dual Side Turntables

These turntables are used in many commercial bakeries. One side is rectangular shaped; the other is round. You simply flip the turn table to the size that suits the shape of your cake. I always feel more secure with my larger cakes on this very sturdy stand. A three tier stacked cake can be decorated on this stand without concern. The rectangular side is great for square cakes or sheet cakes. The unit is covered in white Formica. Cleans up beautifully. (note: if you use a Clorox solution to clean your equipment, be sure to follow up with a water rinse, to be sure not to alter your surface finish.)


Commercial Turntable

We offer two turntables of this type, by both Fat Daddio’s and Wilton.

This is a very sturdy metal stand. The decorating surface is held on the base by a large metal pin. The actual table measures approximately 12” in diameter. Very durable; will last forever.

You will want to choose the turntable or turntables that best suit your needs and the storage space you have available.