Complete Candy Coating Melting Instructions

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1. Place candy coating in the top pan of a double boiler. Place a safe distance from the heat source.

2. Heat water in the bottom of a double boiler just to a simmer.

3. Remove from the heat and place the top portion over the bottom of the double boiler, taking care not to allow any water or steam to get into the candy.

4. Let the candy wafer melt. Stir periodically. Melting time for one pound is approximately 20 minutes.

5. As the water cools chocolate will begin to set up. You may remove the top of the double boiler and reheat the water to re-melt the candy OR you can place the pan of melted candy on your warming tray or in your electric skillet, placed on the very lowest setting with at least one insulating towel between the two.


Candy wafers can also be melted in a chocolate warmer. Add up to a pound of candy wafers to the warmer. Turn on to “Melt”. Stir occasionally until completely melted. Switch setting to “Warm”. You can fill bottles or dip candies directly in the warmer. Once more than half the candy coating has been used, remaining candy can overheat so switch back and forth from “Warm” to “Off” as needed.



Pouring and Molding

You will need:

Melted chocolate
Refrigerator or freezer
Chocolate Candy Mold or Molds
Small Paint Brush
Spoon or Squeeze Bottle 



The coating is ready for molding when it is completely melted.

Test it on the inside of your wrist. Yes, just like you would for a baby bottle. If you can feel it, let it cool for just a minute. Now:

1. Pour into your squeeze bottle if you have one, or if using a spoon, spoon or squeeze a small amount into each cavity of the mold, taking care not to over-fill.

2. Tap the mold on the counter or table to bring any air bubbles to the surface and to level the candy.

3. Place in the freezer for five minutes or in the fridge for, oh, ten minutes. (Thicker candy pieces will take more time)

4. Remove the candy mold from the fridge or freezer and carefully hold it so you can look at the underside. The mold will have a cloudy appearance when the candy is ready. It means the candy has pulled away from the mold.

5. Turn the mold over on a piece of wax paper or parchment and tap gently. 

6. If the candy doesn’t fall out of the mold, return to the freezer for another minute or two.


Making Suckers (Lollipops)

Be sure to have the correct size sucker sticks for your particular mold

1. Fill the mold with chocolate, being careful not of over fill.

2. Place candy stick in the candy and rotate to coat, and lay in the “trough”

3. Place the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes or so.

4. Allow suckers to come to room temperature before placing them in cello bags.


“Painting” Details in a Mold

1. Use a clean art brush to paint any details in the mold in your desired color. 

2. Allow to air dry- make sure it is dry before filling in desired color background coating.

3. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes