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LorAnn 2-Dram Wintergreen

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LorAnn’s super strength flavorings are 3-4 times stronger then extracts.

These professional flavorings add great taste and aroma to hard candy, candy coatings, chocolate, fudges, frosting, baked goods, and other specialty confections. Highly concentrated, a very small amount goes a long way! Suggestion:

TIP: Use an eye dropper for measuring and putting LorAnn Oils into your recipes.

This package includes 2 of the 1-Dram Wintergreen flavoring oil Bottles.

1-Dram=1/8 OZ OR 1-Teaspoon
2-Dram=1/4 OZ OR 2-Teaspoons

Fat free and sugar Free There are no Artificial Sweeteners used in this flavoring..Natural.

Each Bottle of flavoring:
1 FL Dram
-3.7 ML
-.125 FL ounce

Certified Kosher & Pareve by Star-k


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